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Jul. 3rd, 2006 @ 09:49 am (no subject)
Sorry, but is it possible that someone could upload episodes 8-13 over again? Thanks so much in advance.
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Full of grace
Jun. 13th, 2006 @ 03:20 am pilot episode icons
17 icons from episode 1x01 of The Inside. Rebecca Locke centric.

- NO hotlinking
- NO customizing
- Textless icons are NOT bases
- Comment & Credit lalaland or somevortex

( The new girl in town... )
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celebs [gaga] ma telephone
May. 14th, 2006 @ 11:19 pm (no subject)
Current Mood: tiredtired
I've put together an Inside mood theme using images from all 13 episodes. It's available at my mood theme journal here. :)
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your parents are characters
May. 8th, 2006 @ 02:15 pm Err....
I just discovered this place! Must say, was absolutely pissed when FOX cancelled "The Inside"! Loved it to the death! But now I've found I can DL the episodes! *squee!*
...But I've been using Mininova...and there's a link missing for number 12. :\ Anyone got ep 12 that can I DL? I tried using VigotsmanpartsTV but I couldn't figure out how. >< And the one on some DL site (uppers? Something like that...)...didn't work either. Kept getting some warning about the dangers of spyware and crap. Help?
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Ohno, adorable
Apr. 30th, 2006 @ 01:51 pm (no subject)
Article from a Peter Coyote fansite. Interesting names.Collapse )
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Apr. 28th, 2006 @ 08:48 am Seeking screencaps
Does anyone have screencaps of the episodes that weren't aired in the States?
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Apr. 21st, 2006 @ 01:57 am Ep 13 something caught my eye
Cut for spoilers..just in case:

Read more...Collapse )
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Errrrr huh?- RedMysticSpyder
Apr. 19th, 2006 @ 03:44 pm Romance Book Covers
I thought you guys might like to see these:

(yeah, I am a dork)
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Apr. 17th, 2006 @ 11:00 pm It finally worked
Ep 13 Skin and Bones


All 13 can be located at my LJ
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Errrrr huh?- RedMysticSpyder
Apr. 17th, 2006 @ 12:44 am Hold off on DLING: Finally found a host that let me Dl this in one min. all 13 at my LJ
I finally found a file upload service that actually uploaded the file in less then a min. So, yea for finally being updated...

Seems to be a problem witht he link. Re upping it.
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Errrrr huh?- RedMysticSpyder